Does your clothing program consist of a supply closet with one style of golf shirt, a denim shirt, and an ugly hat? Welcome home, we have been waiting for you.

No Inventory = Greater Selection
cc.com offers the most innovative approach to online company stores. Instead of warehousing a limited selection of items, we work with our national suppliers to enable us to purchase items on demand. Each individual order is a purchasing event of it's own. This not only reduces your up front and monthly costs, but also gives the end "wearer" the choice of color and size from an enormous selection.

Hasn't your company streamlined it's inventory and production? Why shouldn't your apparel vendor?

Choose your Logo + Choose your Location
cc.com has the most unique ordering process of any online apparel store.

Your very own Logo Library is created for each online order. The logos are chosen based on the type of garment you chose i.e., Hats, Golf Shirts, Tote Bags. After you choose the logo then the system evaluates and displays all of the available locations that the logo can go i.e. Left Chest, Right Sleeve, Front. No where else will you find the ability to create a completely custom order online. All this, one piece at a time.

Do the clothing stores at the mall have minimums? Neither do we.

No start-up costs, monthly fees, or contracts
There are a lot of options when searching for your online company store.

The ones that rise to the top are those that don't have to force your participation with contracts, monthly minimums, and large inventory costs. cc.com believes that our customer's demand for quality, selection, and price will insure our success. There are no costs involved in starting or maintaining a site, only a low annual minimum that most companies can reach in one order.

Visit our Sample Store to see the power of company stores for your business.

For more information or to sign up email info@companyclothes.com.